Ian Gillan Thinks A Deep Purple Reunion With Ex-Members Would Be A Negative Thing

Deep Purple lead singer and songwriter Ian Gillan gave an interview to Chaoszine during which he argued that reuniting with his former bandmates would harm Deep Purple.

Formed in 1968, Deep Purple has been actively making musical efforts for over five decades. Although they went under a few lineup changes, they still managed to rise to prominence.

During Deep Purple’s active years, talented musicians such as Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Nick Simper, Rod Evans, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Tommy Bolin, and Joe Lynn Turner contributed to the band’s success. Currently, their lineup consists of Ian Gillan, Steve Morse, Don Airey, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice.

In the interview with Chaoszine, the host Arto Mäenpää asked Ian Gillan how a reunion with the past members for Deep Purple’s final show. Moreover, he also asked him whether that would be a celebration of the band’s past.

As a response, Gillan said that what happened in the past belongs to the past. He then stated they still cherish the memories, but their music has been evolving. Following that, Gillan claimed it would definitely be a negative thing to do.

In the interview, Chaoszine’s interviewer asked Ian Gillan:

“So, obviously, as a band, you have achieved a lot, and obviously, you as a singer have influenced tons of musicians all over the world.

But, how would you actually see or imagine the last show of Purple to be? Do you feel that it would be correct to have you guys which are now in the current lineup, to be up on stage playing a final show, or do you feel that it would be more of a celebration and have also some old guys and past members to join you?”

Ian Gillan responded by saying:

“Now, if you start being sentimental, you’ll kill the whole thing. That was in the past, it belongs in the past. We remember it from the past very happily.

But things have been evolving, and the music’s evolved now to a stage, where I believe, it’s deliciously exciting at the moment and it would be a negative thing to do. What you say, sentimental? Maybe. Negative? Definitely.

You can have a listen to the interview below.