Oli Sykes Regrets Collaboration Attempt With Billie Eilish: ‘I Was Embarrassed’

Oli Sykes regrets his effort to persuade Billie Eilish to work with Bring Me The Horizon.

In a recent chat with Daniel P. Carter for The Radio 1 Rock Show, the singer explained how rumors of a collaboration with Eilish started:

“The Billie thing was just: her photographer’s a massive fan, and they kinda mentioned the idea of her doing a song. So I her sent ‘liMOusIne.’ And this was quite a while before it was in its full, finished state. I mean, I can’t say for 100 percent that she listened to it, but I knew it got to her.”

What Did Happen Afterwards?

He continued:

“So me thinking that ‘liMOusIne’ wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me and maybe her if she saw the comment, [I] left it on her Instagram, not thinking that a week or two later when we did the tour, we put the file names on our visuals live, and everyone connected it.”

Sykes shared why he felt embarrassed after the news broke out:

“It was one of them things that seemed like such a proper cheap way to try and get some press, but it really wasn’t. I was actually quite embarrassed when I found out – like, ‘Oh god, no!’ Because I knew the chance of Billie doing a song with us was slim to none.”

Oli’s Comment On Billie’s Post

There was a rumor in January that Oli and Eilish collaborated because Sykes left a comment on Eilish’s Instagram post mentioning one of their unreleased songs. However, when the album was released on May 24, Eilish wasn’t on it. The song ‘liMOusIne’ featured AURORA instead. Eilish posted with her Golden Globe Award and wrote in the caption:

“THANK YOUUU Golden Globes for recognizing ‘What Was I Made For’ as the best original song for the motion picture. I feel so so lucky.”

Skyes left the following comment:


Though they were wrong about Eilish, fans figured out correctly from the tour visuals that Bring Me The Horizon had collaborated with Underoath for the song ‘a bulleT w/my namE On.’