Ronnie Romero Explains Why He’d Refuse Ritchie Blackmore’s Offer

Former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie Romero shared why he would refuse Ritchie Blackmore’s offer. Towards the end of a recent interview with The Classic Rock Podcast, the rocker revealed he wouldn’t accept his former bandmate’s offer if he were ever asked to do one more show together before his retirement.

Before the discussion, the rocker clarified that the time he was most satisfied with his work was when he met Blackmore and got the chance to play in Rainbow. Asked if he would join for one last time if offered, he shared:

“I don’t think so. But we’ve been talking before the COVID; we were supposed to do a tour in 2020. And then, because of the COVID, everything stops. And then I never talked to him again. But I was thinking about this recently. And since I quit from Michael Schenker, it’s the same thing. And I was, like, I don’t think that I wanna do it again.”

Romero then admitted that he wanted to focus more on his solo career and put his name on the front:

“I mean, I really enjoyed it, as I told you, and it probably is the highlight of my professional life and Ritchie gave me the chance to be in the spot and to develop a career, and I will be always grateful, but I don’t think that I wanna be there. I don’t think that’s my place anymore — with all due respect, obviously. I think I really wanna face my career from now on in the way that I’m doing now, just putting my name on the front and try to do my own stuff.”

After disbanding in 2014, the band revived in 2015 with a different lineup to play under the name Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. The band then released a live album and a new recording of the Blackmore’s Night track ‘The Storm,’ described as the rocked-up remake of the band’s old track. The current state of Rainbow is uncertain; however, the members keep working on their solo music careers.

You can watch the interview below.