Craig Goldy Explains Why Ronnie James Dio Fired Vivian Campbell

Former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy joined in an interview with Full In Bloom and talked about the time Vivian Campbell departed from Dio.

In 1982, Vivian Campbell joined Dio, formed by Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice. Campbell contributed to the debut studio album named ‘Holy Driver.’ The album gained success, and the single, ‘Rainbow in the Dark,’ became the band’s most significant hit.

Vivian Campbell was a part of the band’s significant events, concerts, and promoting tours for four years. After many personal conflicts between Campbell and Ronnie James Dio, he was fired from the band in 1986. Ronnie stated that Vivian left the band at his request in the past interviews. The verbal quarrels continued even after the departure of the musician.

Following the death of Dio because of stomach cancer, Campbell mentioned that they could’ve solved the problems between each other differently in the past. As he said in a previous interview, they had hardships understanding one another.

Recently, Dio’s ex-guitarist Craig Goldy talked about Ronnie James Dio’s decision to fire Vivian Campbell in a conversation. Although Vivian behaved well toward him, Ronnie was unhappy with his manners. If you ask the guitarist, Vivian had to do something big to get fired by Dio. While they enjoyed the success, Dio’s business decision caused conflicts between the band members. According to Campbell, Dio was lying to the band, but Goldy disagreed.

Craig Goldy explained in his words:

“Apparently, I guess Viv comes from a wealthy family, so I think he was more… Not that he’s a spoiled brat or anything, but I remember Ronnie saying stuff like that. Every time I’ve ever met Vivian, he was always very nice to me, so I can’t back that one way or the other. But I know how Ronnie is, so to piss Ronnie off to the point where he fires you, you’ve got to be pretty insulting. So something must have gone down.

It comes off as Vivian says, ‘I called him on his promise, and he lied to us.‘ I don’t think it was that; I think it was more of a deferred thing. Because they were on to something that was getting ready to be big, and I think that they wanted to be able to let the dust settle of this.

They’re going to be known now because they even got a Top 15 spot in the Top 20-grossing tours right under Madonna at the time. That was a huge deal. They won, like, the best heavy metal stage set and all that kind of stuff. It was making headlines in magazines and television and news that a heavy metal band never did before besides KISS.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.