Wolf Van Halen On Having Hard Time To Play ‘Distance’ For His Father Eddie

Eddie Van Halen’s passing two years ago shook the whole rock and metal circles, but those closest to him felt this pain most deeply, including his son Wolfgang. As a tribute to his late father, the rocker wrote the touching song ‘Distance,’ for which he received a Grammy nomination. During a recent chat with MetalTalk, Wolf shared how it feels to play this song on stage.

It’s tough every time I play it,” the singer said, revealing that he is having quite a hard time performing ‘Distance.’ “But you have to separate yourself from that because it’s somebody’s first time seeing it every night. So you want to make sure that you do it as best as you can. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others. But overall, I think it’s always going to be a thing that I need to prepare for before I do it well.”

Besides the song’s emotional significance for Wolf, it has also been embraced by other people on a personal level. The musician expressed his satisfaction about this issue, saying, “It’s an honor when I see comments about how much the music or that song means to them. It’s tough to wrap your head around that something you made is helping somebody. It’s a very crazy feeling. I’m very, very thankful for even being around that sort of vibe.”

Mammoth WVM’s self-titled debut album, released in June 2021, also featuring ‘Distance,’ has been very well received by critics and listeners. Wolfgang shared during the same interview that the second album is also on the way, as he plans to finish the recording process by January 2023. The rocker thinks that it will probably hit the shelves sometime next year.

Wolf has just wrapped up the extensive European ‘Pawns & Kings’ tour as the supporting act for Alter Bridge. Following the last show in London on December 12, the rocker is returning home to focus on the band’s upcoming album. Next year will also be very busy for Mammoth WVH, as they are already scheduled to perform until November 2023.