Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Refuses To Idea Of Supergroup With Dave Grohl And Explains Why

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger shared his opinion about Foo Fighter singer Dave Grohl and revealed if he could form a supergroup with him during a recent appearance on BBC Radio.

In the conversation, Mick pointed out that they have met with Grohl a few times in the past and said that they have been keeping in touch for years, although they are not close friends as Mick told.

Furthermore, Mick praised the personality of Dave by saying that he is a great musician who can play almost any instrument. While saying that Grohl is an energetic person, Mick also showed his respect for him.

Even though Mick mentioned that he would love to play with Grohl, he turned down the question of forming a supergroup with him. According to Mick, supergroups are just a fun thing, and he won’t consider creating one.

Interviewer asked:

“When did you first cross paths with Dave Grohl? You must have met a bunch of times over the years, right?”

Here is what Mick Jagger said:

“Yeah, we met quite a few times, we played together on Saturday Night Live, we did a couple of shows together, we did a jam in New York… I’m not saying we’re the closest friends or anything but we’ve kind of kept in touch.

I really like his style, he’s a great musician, a very all-around guy. He can play a lot of instruments really well. And he’s kind of really rocky, and lots of energy, which I like. And so I thought The Stones are a band that very much works in a room, together in a room, and that wasn’t possible…”

Interviewer asked:

“The word ‘supergroup’ is always a good word – you could get a whole new band, I mean, is this part of the agenda with this new material you’re writing?”

Mick Jagger responded:

“No, I think this is just a one-off thing. I mean, I’m not saying I won’t ever want to play with Dave again, I’d love to.

I’d love to do some other things with him, but this is just a one-off, for now, it’s just a fun thing.”

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