Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Calls Out The UK Government For A Healthier Society


The Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger has recently posted a tweet to share his ideas on the plan of the National Food Strategy on his official Twitter account. He stated that the UK government should follow the plan because the citizens deserve a healthier, cheaper, and equal food system by reflecting his support.

As you may remember, the National Food Strategy Plan, which is described as an independent review for the UK government, has been recently shared on its official website. The report made several recommendations to regulate the food system of the country. It highlighted that the UK has a problematic, unhealthy, and unequal food system which leads to obesity and serious health problems.

Thus, the report indicated that the costs of healthy foods caused a great gap between rich and poor so the government should provide free school meals and healthier foods to poor families. According to the National Food Strategy Plan, there should be heavier taxes on salt and sugar to make companies use them less in their products. Many celebrities and authorities of health organizations such as Jamie Oliver, Mark Bridgeman, and Mick Jagger showed their support to the plan.

In his recent tweet, Mick Jagger shared the website of the National Food Strategy Plan and his advice to the UK government. He stated that the report had many interesting and useful ideas on the country’s food system. He called out the government for a healthier nation by saying that the government should follow the Plan to prioritize the public’s health even though prime minister Boris Johnson hasn’t shown any interest in the report so far.

Mick Jagger’s tweet read:

“This report by the National Food Strategy has some interesting and far-reaching ideas that would mean a big change for the better in our food system and make us all healthier. I hope that these plans will be taken up by this government.

You can see the tweet below.