Roger Waters Shares The Trailer Of The New Film He Produced

Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters posted a tweet to share the trailer of Iranian-Kurdish movie director Bahman Ghobadi’s new movie ‘The Four Walls’ which Waters teamed up with him as the producer. Also, he revealed that the movie premiered at Tokyo Film Festival.

As you may know, Bahman Ghobadi is considered a representative of the new wave of Iranian cinema with his bold and outstanding movies. Especially he gained recognition and appreciation from movie lovers and critics with his films, ‘A Time for Drunken Horses,’ ‘Marooned in Iraq,’ and ‘Turtles Can Fly.’ The award-winning director aims to draw attention to minorities through his projects.

Of course, Roger Waters, who is a person that has been trying to raise awareness against ethnic and religious minorities such as Palestinians and Kurds with many more for a very long time, has been a huge Bahman Ghobadi fan since he watched ‘A Time for Drunken Horses.’ Therefore, Waters was very happy to be one of the producers of Ghobadi’s upcoming movie.

In his recent tweet, Waters announced that ‘The Four Walls,’ which reflects the story of a man who works as a musician in Istanbul and his struggle with the building blocking his sea view, premiered at Tokyo Film Festival. Moreover, the Pink Floyd icon expressed his excitement and happiness about the movie by highlighting that he is proud to be its producer.

Waters’ tweet read as follows:

“My friend Bahman Ghobadi, the great Kurdish filmmaker, has premiered his new movie ‘The Four Walls’ at the Tokyo Film Festival. I have been a huge fan of Bahman’s since ‘A Time for Drunken Horses.’ I am proud to have been involved with ‘The Four Walls.’

You can check out the tweet below.