Roger Waters Names The Pink Floyd Song Describing His Approach To Life

Roger Waters recently joined an interview with CNN and revealed that one of Pink Floyd’s classic songs reflects his perspective on life.

Apart from being noted for the musical efforts that he had made with Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is also known for his political leanings. Waters is an outspoken musician who doesn’t hesitate to reveal his true opinions on political issues. Thus, his live shows almost always included a political message for the audience.

In April, Waters excited his fans by giving details about his extensive North American tour, ‘This Is Not A Drill Tour.’ In his tweet, the musician said this would be a ‘stunning indictment of the corporate dystopia’ in which everyone has been trying to survive. The tour kicked off on July 6, 2022, featuring giant screens reflecting political messages.

At the beginning of the ongoing shows of the tour, Waters screens a message saying one can ‘f*ck off to the bar’ if they can’t stand his politics. In a recent interview, CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked the musician about this and his other political messages and questioned whether a person in the audience has to buy into everything he supports.

Upon hearing this, Waters stated he only has one message, also reflected on Pink Floyd’s Echoes,’ which is ‘Strangers passing in the street / By chance, two separate glances meet / And I am you and what I see is me.’ So, he stated he recognizes everyone’s humanity and implied one should not overlook others’ struggles, as we all see ourselves in each other.

During the conversation, CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked Roger Waters the following:

“Do I have to buy in? Does a person in the crowd have to buy into the message? I have always loved Pink Floyd’s music. Some of the messages I can buy into and some I can’t.”

Waters then responded:

“I only got one message. ‘Two strangers passing in the street, by chance, two person’s glances meet, and I am you, and what I see is me.’ That’s my message, and that was on ‘Meddle.’ My message hasn’t changed. I recognize your humanity, and I recognize all the Russians, the Chinese, the Ukrainians, the Yemenis, and the Palestinians.”

You can watch the rest of the interview and listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’ below.