Roger Waters Asks Stevie Wonder To Turn Down A Prize For Outstanding Artists Given By An Israeli Foundation

Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a video in which he calls out for Stevie Wonder in order to prevent him from accepting an award from Wolf Foundation because of the fact that it’s an organization which is established in Israel.

As many of you know, Roger Waters openly speaks about his opinions about Israel when it comes to the issue of Palestine and in August 2018, Waters even published an open letter calling on fellow musicians to join a boycott of Israel since a cultural boycott of Israel is a reasonable method of fighting for Palestinian independence, according to Waters.

Recently, it was announced that Wolf Foundation decided to give their Wolf Prize Laureate in Music 2021 to the legendary musician Stevie Wonder, however, Roger Waters wanted Wonder to join him with his still ongoing boycott as he shared a post on his official Twitter page.

In his recent post, Roger Waters stated that Stevie Wonder once canceled a performance at a fundraising gala for the Friends of the Israel Defence Forces back in 2012, therefore, it would be an easy choice for Wonder to turn down an award from an Israeli foundation, as Waters asked.

Here is what Waters said:

“Stevie Wonder, with respect, you turned down Haim Saban’s IDF fundraiser in 2012. Please turn down Israel’s Wolf Prize in 2021. Love R.”

You can see the Twitter post below.