Taylor Momsen’s Confession About Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen had grown up listening to her parents’, especially her dad’s, rock ‘n’ roll records, and she’d always enjoyed singing. Her early involvement with music gave her the courage to form her band eventually, and that’s how The Pretty Reckless was born. Although Momsen was primarily engaged in acting and modeling, this project helped her embark on the musical journey she had always dreamed of. Her part in Gossip Girl surely brought the band a loyal fanbase, but the members also proved themselves in terms of musical skills.

She has often stated how inspiring she finds the concept of freedom intrinsic to rock music and its range of motion, especially when experimenting with subgenres. Encouraged by this appetite for freedom, Momsen has always had a say in important decisions since the very establishment of the band. However, she could not act so freely while making a critical choice, and the outcome ended up disappointing the vocalist.

What Does Taylor Momsen Not Like About Pretty Reckless?

No one can deny that one of the most important factors contributing to a band’s success is its name. As it is the first thing fans will try to remember amidst many other prominent acts, coming up with a catchy and striking name is undoubtedly an important part of building a solid reputation. Taylor Momsen and her bandmates also wanted to introduce their band to the music world with such a striking name that would both reveal their intentions and represent their sound and style.

However, they could not use the name ‘The Reckless,’ as they had initially planned, due to trademark issues. Momsen attended an interview with Live From Studio Five in 2010, and during this conversation, she revealed that she didn’t like her band’s name. She complained that it was very difficult to find a trademarkable name and revealed that they had to give up the Reckless due to some legal processes. However, they decided to add another word and their name ultimately became the Pretty Reckless, but the vocalist was clearly not a fan.’

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman’s words on the band’s name:

“I’m not quite a fan of the name. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find a name that’s actually trademarkable. We wanted it to be just The Reckless, but we had some problems, so we added a Pretty.”

Although she doesn’t like the band’s name, the overall success of the Pretty Reckless must have satisfied the vocalist. Recently, the band members announced that they have started working on a project involving covers and alternative versions of various songs. This collection album will be released under the name ‘Other Worlds’ at the beginning of November.