Rod Stewart Faces Another Health Scare After Losing His Brothers

These last few months have been quite challenging for Rod Stewart as the singer lost two of his brothers, who he called his best friends. However, more recently, Stewart had another health scare, this time related to his youngest son, Aiden, who fainted during a soccer match. Rod opened up about the incident while chatting with the soccer magazine FourFourTwo.

While Rod’s still grieving the death of his brothers, his young son Aiden who is 11, gave him another scare. It was reported that Aiden was sent to the hospital while playing for his youth soccer team, Young Hoops Under 12s, after the young boy fell unconscious and turned blue. However, Stewart discussed that it was all good with Aiden as he had a panic attack.

“We thought my boy had a heart attack,” Rod said as he discussed the incident. “He was going blue and was unconscious until he calmed down. It was scary, but it turned out to be a panic attack. The lad wanted to do well, pulled on the Hoops in Scotland for his dad.”

The young boy wanted to impress his father by playing as great as he could, but it sounds like his anxiety got in the way as he scared everyone by falling unconscious. Rod has also been struggling with the loss of his brothers, so this incident worried him greatly, but; luckily, in the end, all was good.