The Reason Keith Richards Called Guns N’ Roses ‘Copycat’

The Rolling Stones have not lost their title as one the best rock bands of all time ever since their formation in 1962. They were honored by being called ‘The Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world’ only towards the end of the 1960s but even before that, they were aware of their upcoming success. Being active for almost 60 years, the band continues to delight its fans even though the members are now in their late 70s.

Keith Richards, the band’s successful guitarist and founder, has been there since the beginning. He formed The Rolling Stones with Mick Jagger and is one of the two creative minds behind their masterpieces. The band reached never-ending fame with their successful debut in the rock music world and is still going on strong.

Knowing that they are one of the best in the industry, Keith Richards does not hold himself back from criticizing other musicians. For the guitarist, the genre of their music or the generation they belong to clearly has no significance. He does not filter his words, therefore revealing his honest opinion about even the most legendary bands or musicians in the world, such as Guns N’ Roses.

What Does Keith Richards Think About Guns N’ Roses?

Another legendary band that comes to mind when thinking about Rock and Roll is Guns N’ Roses. Formed almost 25 years after The Rolling Stones, the band is almost as famous and successful as The Stones. However, these similarities clearly did not keep Richards from stating his opinion on the band.

Some years ago, Keith claimed that although he is fond of what Guns N’ Roses do, and especially appreciates their bravery, he thinks that they are not original. He stated that they are copying famous rockstars as Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Woods.

He revealed his full opinion on Guns N’ Roses stating:

“I admire their guts. But too much posing. Their look; it’s like there’s one out of this band, one looks like Jimmy, one looks like Ronnie. Too much copycat, too much posing for me.”

Even though Guns N’ Roses rocked the rock and roll music industry when they came out in the ’80s, this was not enough to reach Richards’ idea of perfection. As you may understand from the statement, rock music is not only limited to ‘the music’ for him.

The looks and the image of the band are also crucial alongside the quality of the music they create. Although Guns N’ Roses is loved almost as much as The Rolling Stones, it doesn’t mean that Richards will refrain from stating his real thoughts on their image and state that they are ‘copycats.’