Robert Plant Addresses Jimmy Page’s Reputation From The Yardbirds

Led Zeppelin’s iconic vocalist Robert Plant recently spoke about when Led Zeppelin was new to the music world and recalled how Jimmy Page’s previous career with The Yardbirds helped Led Zeppelin gain fame.

Before Led Zeppelin was as prominent as it is today, after their 12-year career together, they were only a start-up band that tried to exist as the New Yardbirds. With Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, the New Yardbirds transformed into Led Zeppelin and began creating their iconic songs.

However, the band was already performing before the release of their debut album and had started to build a fanbase. This was because Jimmy Page had become a critically acclaimed session musician and part of a band. Hence, after the break up of the Yardbirds in 1968, fans were wondering what the talented musicians would do afterward. Hence when Led Zeppelin was formed, Page’s already established career helped them gain fame.

Robert Plant recently spoke about how Jimmy Page’s career helped kickstart Zeppelin’s career. He stated Page contributed to their performances before the debut album’s release, which was powerful enough to start building the band’s reputation. He continued to say that their energy together as a band was also a factor that gave them the successful headstart as a band.

Here is what Plant said about Page’s reputation:

“We were playing before the first record came out. So, we got to L.A, December ’68, and it came out sometime in January. I guess Jimmy’s reputation from the Yardbirds was powerful, and he threw some amazing shapes, musically and physically. There was a whole cavalcade of energy, and you have to be transmitting on the same planet as that; otherwise, there is no gig for you.

And I knew how to do that because John Bonham and we already had our own similar but a mysteriously obscure band of joy which was nuts. It was really stretching within the limitations that we had as kids. I was 19 when I met Jimmy and John Paul. But the energy, the fireball that we developed and was created around us, took no prisoners. With or without the success of an album or whatever it is. But it did kick in.”

You can listen to the interview below.