Phil Collins And His Son Nic’s Final Genesis Performance Was Bittersweet According To Lily Collins


Genesis frontman Phil Collins‘ daughter, Lily Collins, recently gave an interview to Access Hollywood at PaleyFest LA and reflected on his father’s last show with the band. She said that watching his father and brother Nic Collins perform together was bittersweet.

Thanks to its highly unique sound, Genesis has left an unforgettable mark in rock music. Over five decades, the band contributed to the rock scene with fifteen studio albums throughout their career. Unfortunately, they decided to end the band with a final concert as a part of their ‘The Last Domino? Tour.’ The tour had started in 2020 but was interrupted by the pandemic.

Later on, the band rescheduled the dates for March 2022. As they announced, the tour ended with three shows in London. Genesis performed their final show on March 26 in London. During the performance, Phil Collins’ son, Nic Collins, also appeared with the band, taking over the band’s drumming duties.

Lily Collins reflected on his father’s final show and how it was to watch his brother performing with him. She explained that it was both exciting and sad. However, she felt very proud to see his brother, who had been playing drums since he was two, perform as the band’s drummer. Watching Genesis perform for the last time was bittersweet for all the fans, including Lily.

About Genesis’ final show, the successful actress said:

“It was beautiful. It was bittersweet. It was so exciting, and it was sad, and it was all the things, but it was also really cool to see my little brother Nicholas up there. He has been playing the drums, he is their drummer, and he is his own drummer in a band. He’s been on tour since he was sixteen, playing since he was two. I’m very proud.”

You can watch the full interview below.