Robby Krieger’s Regret About Jim Morrison And The Doors

The Doors impacted the music scene by being counted among the most influential rock acts in the ’60s. Jim Morrison had a massive part of the group’s distinctive style with his vocal and stage persona. The band members were also considered significant figures of that era’s counterculture. After the band signed a contract with Elektra Records, The Doors and Morrison created many successful albums, such as the self-titled debut, ‘Strange Days’ and ‘L.A. Woman,’ which counted among the most outstanding records.

While the band was enjoying their success with the 1971 album ‘L.A. Woman,’ they became flooded with sadness due to Morrison’s sudden death that year. While the remaining members were grieving, they also continued the preparations for the upcoming album ‘Other Voices.’ They completed this album, which they started to work on before Morrison’s death, and released in the same year. However, the guitarist Robby Krieger felt remorse for releasing that album immediately after Morrison’s passing.

Robby Krieger Regretted Releasing ‘Other Voices’ After Jim Morrison’s Death

After the band’s success with the 1971 album ‘L.A. Woman,’ they continued to work on the upcoming one named ‘Other Voices‘ in the same year. While preparing for its release, they were waiting for Jim Morrison to return from Paris and join them to complete the entire record. However, all the band members were stunned by the news of his sudden death. The surviving members of The Doors continued as a trio after the death of Morrison in 1971 and released ‘Other Voices’ with Elektra Records that year.

However, during an interview with Stereogum, Robby Krieger revealed his regret about releasing the album following the passing of Morrison that year. He stated that they were shocked by Morrison’s death and went through a period where they did not know what to do because they had to continue work. The band members both had the pieces, and Elektra Records wanted them to keep going. Krieger indicated that it was a hard decision to go back to recording. The rocker expressed his regret that they should not have released it immediately after Morrison’s passing.

Robby Krieger explained the period after Morrison’s death:

“It was a tough time, of course. When Jim was gone, we kept going. The three of us were practicing all the time, writing new stuff. When Jim passed, we said, ‘Jeez, what’re we going to do?’ We could just give it up, or, you know, we have all these songs. Let’s go in and record and see what happens. We probably shouldn’t have put it out that quick after Jim’s passing. We just felt like that was all we could do. We could’ve sat around and been depressed. Which we were. But I don’t know. The record company, Elektra, wanted us to continue. It wasn’t that hard of a decision.”

You can listen to the album below.