Robbie Williams Might Spark Another Debate With Jimmy Page

The highly publicized neighborly feud between Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page started in 2015 when Williams decided to do some renovations to his house. Page has been protesting the singer’s plans since then as he fears that vibrations from construction could damage his mansion. As the Sun reported, Robbie now plans to build a trellis fence between their homes in West London, which can reignite the tensions between the pair.

Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page became next-door neighbors when the singer bought his house for £17.5 million in 2013. Though the two stars seemed to get along well in the beginning, Williams’ plans to do renovations, which included an indoor pool, gym, and underground passageway to the main area of the house, have caused a rift between them. It looks like this long-running feud is likely to rekindle since Robbie wants to build a 20-foot fence, which will probably be enough to piss Jimmy off again.

A statement regarding the new application read, “It has been noted that due to the use of existing wall elements and the significant retention of soil within the plot, wall elevations are low and allow passers-by a view of the garden. As part of a proposed landscaping scheme, the designer has proposed the use of trellis panels as a low-impact way of increasing the privacy within the garden.”

It continued, “These will be fixed to the inside of the garden wall using reversible fixings or to posts cast into the soil in certain where there are no tree root protection zones. These will be installed whilst preserving existing planting and are to be painted in dark grey. It is our view that said intervention will have negligible impact on the heritage value of the property while adding a level of privacy to inhabitants whilst using the garden.”

Since 2015, Jimmy Page has been determined to win his battle against Robbie Williams’ renovation plans. Still, it was reported in the past months that the council permitted the singer to actualize his intentions on the conditions that builders would not be allowed to use diggers during the construction and use monitoring devices to make sure the noise levels stay at a minimum.