Jimmy Page Loses His Long-Standing Feud Against Robbie Williams

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently lost the legal battle against Robbie Williams, bringing the long-standing feud between them to an end.

Although Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams are two names that one wouldn’t expect to be on the same page, there has been an interesting feud between them since 2015. The thing that brings the two together is Page’s residency, The Tower house in London, built by renowned architect William Burges in 1881.

Jimmy Page had been residing in The Tower house since 1972, but he currently lives in Deanery Garden, a home in Sonning, Berkshire. While he was residing in The Tower house, Page and Robbie Williams were neighbors. Williams purchased the £17.5 million mansion next to Page’s in 2013 from its previous owner Michael Winner.

The issue that created tension between Page and Williams was that Williams wanted to renovate his house. However, Page didn’t want this to happen since it could damage his home, which he believed exhibits one of the great hidden interiors of London. Due to that, the guitarist sent a complaint letter to the Royal Borough of Kensington, and Williams took a step back.

After some time, Williams was back with some new renovation plans, but Page had no intentions of giving up. Following a period of paperwork, council meetings, and several interviews in which the two took a swing at each other, Williams recently came out of this war as the winner.

As reported by Vulture, Williams has started to work on his mansion’s super basement, which will feature a pool, gym, and shower alcove for the musician and his family. It’s estimated that the renovations will take a full year to complete. Moreover, Williams’ builders will not be allowed to use diggers during the construction.