Rob Halford Confirms Judas Priest Was Influenced By The Beatles And Explains It

In an interview with Crapbag Podcast, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford talked about the earlier years of the band and explained the details of The Beatles’ impact on Judas Priest’s music career.

As you may know, the popular heavy metal band Judas Priest was founded by Al Atkins, Brian ‘Bruno’ Stapenhill, John Perry, and John ‘Fezza’ Partridge back in 1969. The iconic singer Rob Halford joined the band later in 1973 and played his first live show with them at the Townhouse in Wellington.

Recently, Rob Halford joined a conversation on Crapbag Podcast and responded to some questions about the early years of Judas Priest. During the interview, Halford talked about The Beatles’ influence on their music throughout their career. He stated that The Beatles really touched him and his bandmates with their music, particularly from those early days into more advanced works, such as ‘Sgt. Pepper.’

Here is what Rob Halford stated about Judas Priest connection with The Beatles:

“How cool that was, yeah. For many of us, The Beatles really touched us with their music, especially from those early days into more advanced plays of musicians and incredibly innovative and groundbreaking work from ‘Sgt. Pepper’ onwards. Here we are – Priest has come up a world tour in the late ’70s, and we’re taking a little break, and then we strike into the studio to make another record.

And it was suggested that we make ‘British Steel‘ at this beautiful house just outside of London, which was the former home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. And John Lennon had sold it to Ringo, and Ringo was renting out the house while he was living away.”

Halford continued:

“Bands could go in there and make a record, so this was surreal, and I remember driving up to the front door, which you see in some of those wonderful videos like ‘Imagine’.

And oh my god, we’re actually here, walking inside, so we were literally walking in the footsteps of these incredibly powerful, talented musicians, and I think we picked up some Beatle magic in there because ‘British Steel’ turned out to be a really important album for Priest and for metal.”

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