Rob Halford Admits Winging His Sensational Rock Hall Of Fame Speech

Performing and giving acceptance speeches at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies is a chilling experience for many bands. Judas Priest was one of the acts that recently had this experience, and Rob Halford enhanced this emotional atmosphere with his moving speech. In his latest conversation with Lauren Elwell, the frontman revealed that the speech was spontaneous and not written beforehand.

“I gotta tell you, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to say,” the frontman revealed, confessing that he had not prepared his resounding speech. “Everybody said, ‘Have you written a speech?’ [And I was like] ‘I got it; I got it.’ You know, and then I’m watching all of this extraordinary talent go up there and receive their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award. And I’ve been speaking to Simon. I said, ‘What are you going to say, Simon?’ He goes, ‘I got a few ideas,’ and ‘What are you going to say, Annie?’ [She says] ‘Oh, I’ve got a speech. I’ve got a speech.’ I don’t have a speech.”

Rob prioritized their prepared speeches to ensure that his bandmates had enough time to share their thoughts. He recalled, “I walked up to the podium, and I said, ‘Everybody, do your bit first,’ because I have this; I’m notorious for flapping my lips for extraordinary periods of time. I said, ‘Everybody, do your bit, and whatever time we got left, I’ll go up and say thank you.’”

“So everybody spoke, and then it was me,” Halford said, remembering the moment he took the microphone and made the much-appreciated ‘gay guy’ remark without even thinking about it. “And I walked up to the mic, and the first thing that came out of my mouth, I think, was, ‘Hi, everybody; I’m the gay guy in the group.’ And I don’t know why I said that. It wasn’t planned; it was just in my mind.”

“But what we saw was this beautiful reaction from everybody in the room,” stressed Rob Halford and described how his speech wrote itself. “And that just instantly threw me into this acceptance thing. All these people, they’re not all metalheads, but what I’ve just said as a gay guy metal and the way it was received shows you the inclusiveness of what we are in heavy metal in our heavy metal community.”

During his speech, Rob Halford said that as a gay member, he had no trouble being himself both in his band and in the metal community in general. When he made the aforementioned remark, everyone stood up and started clapping for the frontman. Halford was further moved by the audience’s reaction and continued his words by emphasizing the inclusiveness of the metal community. He concluded by highlighting that everything in this community is about power, emotion, and dedication.

Judas fans, who were already quite moved by this speech and the band’s overdue induction that finally happened this year, have yet another exciting news. In a conversation with Out of the Box With Jonathan Clarke about two weeks ago, Rob Halford revealed that they have almost completed their new album. This album will be a follow-up to 2018’s ‘Firepower.’ It is unknown when it will be released, but all the writings are done, and most of them have been recorded.