Noel Gallagher Says He Prefers Michael Fassbender To Portray Him In Oasis Biopic


In a recent interview with the Matt Morgan podcast, former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher talked about the possible Oasis biopic and revealed that he would like the famous movie star Michael Fassbender to play himself.

As you may know, it is previously announced that Noel and Liam Gallagher will be the co-executive producers and directors for the new upcoming Oasis documentary which will be released as the celebration of the band’s 25th year anniversary of the legendary Knebworth show. The documentary will consist of unseen footage from the Oasis record-breaking concerts which were performed in 1996.

The Gallagher brothers have been also talking about a possible Oasis biopic. The biographical movies of bands and musicians such as Mötley Crüe’s ‘The Dirt,’ Freddie Mercury’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ and Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ became very popular in recent years. Previously, Liam Gallagher also talked about a possible Oasis biopic and suggested that their children should portray themselves in the movie.

During the recent interview, Noel Gallagher shared his opinions on the possible Oasis biopic and named the actor who should portray him in the film. Apparently, Noel didn’t agree with his brother about the casting of the Oasis biopic. He mentioned that he has a very unique face and the only suitable actor is Michael Fassbender. Noel also stated that he thinks Fassbender is a very talented actor who would be the perfect choice to portray in Oasis biopic.

Gallagher shared his ideas saying:

“I have quite a unique look.

Would anybody want to play me? I don’t know. Maybe Michael Fassbender, because he’s a great actor.

It seems that the Gallagher brothers had different ideas about who should portray themselves in the possible biographical movie of Oasis. They might have many other topics and issues to discuss as they start working together on the upcoming Oasis documentary.