Ringo Starr Shares The Beatles’ Touring Habit That Hadn’t Changed After Fame

The Beatles’ Ringo Starr recently appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed some behind-the-scenes stories about the band. The drummer also shared the band’s touring habit that continued even when they became hugely popular.

The 81-year-old drummer published a hardcover memoir titled ‘Lifted: Fab Images and Memories in My Life With the Beatles From Across the Universe,’ which reflects his time as a Beatles member on February 14, 2022. The book includes some rare and unseen photos of the band members along with recollections and anecdotes that were written by Starr.

Ringo Starr put together the book during the lockdown period. He didn’t include the photos just from his personal archive but also featured some photos of the band that he saw on the internet. Proceeds from the book will benefit the drummer’s Lotus Foundation, which funds and promotes charitable projects aimed at improving social welfare. Starr has been promoting his new book nowadays and he also talked about some details from it during the late-night talk show.

When talking about a photo from the book, the host Jimmy Kimmel brought up the issue of the band’s touring habit. He asked Ringo Starr whether it is true they had only two bedrooms during the tours even when they were hugely popular. The drummer confirmed that it is true and said that if their shows were in Britain, they would go back to their homes but when they started to go to different countries, they only had two rooms and shared them all the time throughout their entire tour. According to Starr, they didn’t change their touring habit even when they had the opportunity to do it.

Ringo Starr speaking on the Beatles’ touring habit:

“It was like that as soon as we started going around Europe first and even Scotland if we had to stay over but usually if it was in Britain that night we’d drive home. When we started to go out, we only ever had two suites and we shared all the time.”

You can watch the entire show below.