Sebastian Stan Hopes ‘Pam And Tommy’ Changes Prejudices Toward Tommy Lee


Actor Sebastian Stan recently took to his Instagram account to share his thoughts on the series ‘Pam & Tommy.’ In the post, Stan hoped the series would make people re-examine their prejudices towards Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson decided to get married on February 19, 1995. Although they had known each other only for four days, the pair thought of each other as the right person. After the wedding ceremony, Lee and Anderson went on their honeymoon. During their vacation, they recorded a sex tape, which leaked and went viral.

After this incident, Anderson and Lee’s marriage didn’t last long. In 1998, three years after their marriage, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail for spousal abuse, and the couple divorced. This turbulent relationship and losing Anderson and his children had a significant impact on Lee, and he shed tears during a heartfelt interview while talking about them.

In 2018, Hulu announced the biographical drama series ‘Pam & Tommy,‘ which tells the story of the scandalous sex tape and sheds light on Anderson and Lee’s relationship. When the trailer was released, fans praised Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s resemblance to the pair. On February 2, 2022, the first three episodes of ‘Pam & Tommy’ premiered on Hulu.

In his recent Instagram post, Sebastian Stan, who portrayed Lee in the series, said he is thankful that ‘Pam & Tommy’ was nominated in several categories for the 2022 Emmy Awards. Thanking the crew and his partner Lily James, Stan stated the series is about a crime of privacy in which everyone is a culprit and hoped it would help change prejudices towards Lee and Anderson.

Sebastian Stan’s Instagram post read:

So grateful and thrilled to be a part of this epic ‘Pam And Tommy’ recognition! Congratulations to our showrunners and creator, Rob Siegel, DV DeVincentis, our incredible directors Lake Bell, Hannah Fidell, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, and my one and only Craig Gillespie, who has changed my life not once but twice now! Massive congratulations to our great hair and make-up team spearheaded by David Williams and Barry Lee Moe, as well as our costumer Kameron Lennox who transformed us right before our eyes! You deserve everything.

Lily James, my partner till the end of the line. I was blessed to be opposite you, couldn’t have, wouldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for holding my hand on this journey! Last but not least, thank you and congrats to Hulu, ‘Pam And Tommy,’ Annapurna, the great Sue Naegle, Point Grey Pictures, and Seth Rogen, who gave us home and made this possible!”

He then continued:

“‘Pam And Tommy’ is about a crime that took place without consent. It was a crime of privacy, a crime of love, a crime on family, and a crime that we were all a culprit of, as media and audience combined, and it’s now more timely than ever.

I hope this can only help continue the conversation we had hoped to bring to light and that we can remember to re-examine our projections and our salacious attitudes not only towards Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee but also towards ourselves and our exploitation of one another. See you at the Emmys!”

Below, you can check out the picture Sebastian Stan included in his IG post.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Stan – Instagram