Rick Rubin Tells A Story To Prove Malcolm Young Was AC/DC’s Leader

Producer Rick Rubin recalled when he was AC/DC’s producer for a couple of projects in his recent interview with Talk Is Jericho and confirmed that the band’s late guitarist Angus Young was in charge of the band and explained why.

As you may know, Rick Rubin worked with many legendary rock and metal bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Slayer, and Black Sabbath. He also collaborated with his favorite rock band, AC/DC, for a single named ‘Big Gun,’ which was the soundtrack of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie ‘Last Action Hero.’

In addition to the soundtrack, Rubin produced AC/DC’s thirteenth studio album entitled ‘Ballbreaker,’ which was released on September 26, 1995. The album hit the charts, sold millions of records worldwide, and received positive reviews from music critics and fans.

During his recent interview, the host shared his ideas about AC/DC and claimed that Malcolm Young was the band’s leader, even though many think that Angus was in charge as the frontman. Rubin agreed with him and remembered one of the moments that he realized that. An example was how Malcolm would choose Angus’ instruments and give him instructions during their albums’ recording process.

Here’s what the host said about AC/DC:

That was Malcolm’s band, he was the boss and the leader. Of course, everyone thinks it’s Angus Young because he’s front and center, but Malcolm was the general.”

Rubin responded:

“Yes, 100%. I can remember Angus coming to me, and Malcolm coming and saying, ‘I went through all the amps and I found a great amp that I’m going to use.’

He’s explaining all the technical things that he’s gonna do, and then Angus comes over and goes, ‘He’s got a great one for me, too.’

Therefore, Malcolm Young was AC/DC’s leader even though most of the fans thought it was Angus because he is the band’s lead singer and the one who created AC/DC’s iconic and unique image with his school uniform.