Rick Allen Recalls How AC/DC’s Bon Scott Acted When Def Leppard Opened For Them

Rick Allen, the drummer from the British rock band Def Leppard, joined an interview with Sonic Perspectives and talked about the show his band and AC/DC did together when he was a sixteen-year-old drummer. Allen also shared opinions on the late vocalist Bon Scott and his off-stage personality.

Def Leppard was formed in 1977 in England. They released their first album in the early 1980s and the album reached the top 15 in the UK but was not recognized worldwide. In 1979, Def Leppard joined AC/DC as their opening act at Hammersmith Odeon in London during the ‘Highway to Hell’ Tour. In a recent interview, iconic drummer Rick Allen shared a special anecdote about his encounter with Bon Scott, the late vocalist of AC/DC.

As you may know, Bon Scott was the lead vocalist of AC/DC from 1974 to 1980, until his death. On February 19, 1980, Scott was found dead by one of his friends. He was taken to hospital immediately but was pronounced dead on arrival. Later that day, it was reported that Bon died from alcohol poisoning.

In his recent interview with the Sonic Perspective, Rick Allen talked about Scott, when the interviewer asked how was Scott’s behavior on and off stage. He mentioned that Bon was actually a very humble person and mentioned his memory of him in which Scott brought Rick a bowl of M&Ms for his 16th birthday. The drummer also added that he appreciated Bon’s gesture and said it was the nicest thing.

Here is what Rick Allen stated about late AC/DC singer Bon Scott:



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