Chris Jericho Defends Lars Ulrich Saying He Plays What’s Right For The Tune Even Though Some People Hate It

Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho opened up about his opinions on Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich who has received huge criticism about his drumming abilities over the years, during an appearance on ‘…And Podcast For All!’ and apparently, Lars plays for the needs of the band according to Jericho and he is a huge fan of his playing style.

As many of you know, despite being an icon in rock and roll music over the years thanks to his legendary career with Metallica of which he’s the co-founder, and drummer, Lars Ulrich received major backlash and critique about his drumming skills. There have been numerous fans alleging that the Metallica icon has a simplistic style of drumming in the recordings and has a hard time keeping the tempo during live performances.

Since Metallica drummer has been receiving criticism for decades now and still keep rocking with countless record-breaking live performances, studio albums, and a fan base that’s loyal to him, Lars Ulrich came clean about the critiques during an interview stating that he is no longer bothered by people’s criticism of his drumming abilities since it doesn’t matter anymore after being comfortable with his band, surrounded by his family, friends, and fans who are supportive of him, on top of having nothing left to prove to the world.

Here is what Ulrich said:

“I’m so over. I’m literally immune to it. We just did a bunch of interviews, and sometimes, if I am being interviewed by a journalist who is also a fan, they’ll say, ‘When people say Lars Ulrich is a shitty drummer, I defend you.’ Which is cool, but I’ve got to tell you, 20 years later, 30 years later, it just doesn’t register anymore. I am so comfortable with who I am, I’m so comfortable with who Metallica is, I’m so comfortable with our place in all of it. I’ve got an incredible wife, three great kids, my dad and Molly, incredible friends, and lots of cool acquaintances. It’s all good. I’ve got nothing left to prove, so it just doesn’t register anymore.”

Despite Lars Ulrich made his peace with the people who have strict opinions about his drumming abilities, the matter does not seem to go away as everybody is curious about other musician’s opinions on Ulrich’s drumming style. That’s the reason why Chris Jericho revealed his opinions about the subject during a recent interview and stated that it’s ridiculous to come for Lars about his drumming since he does not have to follow the tempo or any other thing, it’s rock and roll, as Jericho stated.

Furthermore, Fozzy frontman stated that he’s a big fan of Metallica drummer’s playing style despite there are plenty of people who hate it, however, he’s not going to a Metallica concert to hear a perfect version of their song just like in the recording, the reason to go to a live show shouldn’t be about hearing the tempo on point, according to Jericho.

Here is what Fozzy lead vocalist said:

“People bag on Lars, it’s a funny thing to do. Just the same way that people bag on Ringo; it’s funny to bag on Ringo. Lars is now the Ringo of heavy metal. And what I mean by that is that Ringo plays what’s best for the song, not what the most flashy part is, not what is gonna get him on the cover of Modern Drummer. He plays what’s right for the tune. And that’s why Lars is great.

I’m a big fan of Lars’s playing. Listen, is he always completely in time? Does he speed up and slow down live? Well, he does, but guess what? That’s fucking live rock and roll, man. And a lot of people hate it, and I get it. Listen, if you’re going to Metallica and you’re worried because the tempo increases or decreases sometimes, you’re probably not there for the same reason that I am.”

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