Rick Allen Pays Tribute To Steve Clark, ‘I Miss You Everyday’

Rick Allen recently paid tribute to his Def Leppard band member Steve Clark who passed away on January 8, 1991. He posted the painting he made of him and a couple of pictures to remember on his Instagram account.

The main songwriter and guitarist of Def Leppard, Steve Clark passed away 31 years ago from alcohol poisoning. Before the tragic event, he was in Def Leppard since 1978. He became one of the best-known guitarists of the rock and roll world and was chosen to be number 11 on Classic Rock’s 100 ‘Wildest Guitar Heroes’ list in 2007. He continued to influence and be remembered by a lot of people even after his death.

His bandmates were also his close friends, and his death saddened them greatly. The band had given him some time off to go away for a bit and try to get sober, eat healthily, and embrace a good lifestyle before returning. He agreed but went off only to continue getting drunk. One day, he didn’t wake up and died from the intoxication of a mixture of alcohol.

The band continued to perform, but this tragedy was never forgotten. Recently, Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen remembered his friend on his death anniversary. He posted the picture of the painting he did of Clark and stated that he misses him every day. Def Leppard members also paid Clark tribute via the band’s official Instagram account by posting their old photos and stating that he will never be forgotten.

Here is the first caption:

“Remembering Steve Clark. Today marks 31 years since Steve’s passing on January 8, 1991. Gone but not forgotten.”

Def Leppard members also paid tribute to Steve by saying:

Never forgotten, never forget. I miss you every day, my friend Steve Clark.”

Allen had previously stated in an interview that this painting of Clark was the painting he was most proud of. Even though it was his first painting, it was also his favorite. Clark’s mother had commented on the painting, and she stated that ‘he had captured his essence.’

You can see the painting and the other posts below.