Sinead O’Connor’s Brutal Response To Madonna’s Slagging

It is not rare to witness feuds among celebrities, especially in the music industry. Even at some point, it is possible to see one artist having feuds with multiple people. Sinead O’Connor is namely one of those drawing the most attention with her feud with Madonna.

Since the passing away of Sinead O’Connor, the news and the feuds about her started to reappear. The singer, known to draw attention to child abuse, human rights, racism, organized religion, and women’s rights both in her songs and in her daily life, has bumped heads with many names, such as Miley Cyrus, Joe Pesci, Prince, and Madonna.

Her feud with the pop singer Madonna has been around since 1991 when, in an interview, she directly called out the pop singer for making harsh comments about her appearance. According to O’Connor, the singer made fun of her short hair. Being a women’s rights activist herself, she said in the interview:

“Madonna is probably the hugest role model for women in America. There’s a woman who people look up to as being a woman who campaigns for women’s rights. A woman who, in an abusive way toward me, said that I look like I had a run-in with a lawnmower and that I was about as sexy as a Venetian blind. Now there’s the woman that America looks up to as being a campaigner for women, slagging off another woman for not being sexy.”

Their disagreements were ultimately brought to the Saturday Night Live stage, with Madonna appearing to parody O’Connor’s protest against the Catholic Church. On O’Connor’s 1992 Saturday Night Live performance, she was seen ripping a picture of Pope John Paul II while saying the following words:

“Fight the real enemy.”

O’Connor later explained that she did it because she was really angry with what the church was doing to them, namely child abuse.

Although Madonna only spoke about O’Connor going too far with ripping the picture, she never mentioned making fun of the singer or her appearance. Additionally, the pop singer did not bid her farewell after she passed away, which might be concluded as an unsolved feud.