Sam Kiszka Seeks New Interests Outside Of Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet’s bassist Sam Kiszka talked about his efforts to stay occupied during the band’s break from touring in a recent interview with Spin.

Kiszka admitted that adjusting to time off the road is a challenge. Sharing how he spends his break dabbling in songwriting, producing music for other artists, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, he said:

“I’m trying to find sh*t to do right now. I’m 24 now, and we went out on the road when I was 17. For the past six or seven years, it’s been full-throttle. It’s hard to be off the road and not see new places, new things every day. It comes from a place of hoping that we can do our absolute best and work on our absolute highest level.”

Embracing Modern Technology With A Classic Touch

Greta Van Fleet’s latest album, ‘Starcatcher,’ marks the band’s third studio release, debuting at number eight on the US Billboard 200. It was released on July 21, 2023. In discussing ‘Starcatcher’ with Forbes last year, Kiszka highlighted the band’s approach to blending classic recording techniques with modern technology, explaining:

“I think just the way that he actually captured the album is the way that we’ve always wanted to hear ourselves because it’s the way that we hear like the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or Led Zeppelin but with modern technology. So we’re using pretty much ancient recording techniques but also with modern technology and getting just really great sh*t. So it’s utilizing the technology of today.”

Last year, Greta Van Fleet revealed plans for a US tour in Spring 2024, featuring Geese as their opening act. The tour will kick off in St. Louis on April 27 and conclude in Milwaukee on May 21, covering 12 shows in total.