Rick Allen Shares How His Tribute To Steve Clark Inspired His Painting


Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently talked about his hobby, painting, and about his portrayal of his former late bandmate Steve Clark. He stated that Clarks’ mother approved his drawing which makes it the painting he is most proud of.

Steve Clark joined Def Leppard in 1978 and became not only bandmates but also friends with the rest of the Def Leppard crew. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1991 from alcohol poisoning, and 30 years after his death, his bandmate Rick Allen talked about the portrait he made of him.

Rick Allen carries a lot of talent in his single hand. He faced a tragic accident in 1984, which cost him his left arm. However, the drummer didn’t give up on his work or hobbies and continued to play drums with only one arm. He is currently considered one of the most influential drummers in the rock and roll world. Aside from drumming, he pushed himself to improve the painting skills that he was prone to since childhood, and currently, he paints and displays them in art galleries.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Allen talked about his favorite painting, and he quickly replied that it’s his painting of the late Steve Clark. Apparently, it was his first painting, and he did it as a tribute to his friend. When he did it, he sent a photo to his mother, who was also in contact with Clark’s mother. According to her, Rick ‘captured his essence,‘ which made the drummer to continue portraying late musicians as significant as Steve Clark.

Here is what Allen stated about his favorite painting:

“I’m most proud of the one of Steve Clark. It was my first, and what better way to pay homage? I sent a photograph of the painting to my mother, who is still in contact with Beryl, Steve’s mum, who said I had really captured his essence. That’s what made me think that I should be doing this. Unfortunately, we are losing people so often that I’ve got plenty of subject matter.”

He sadly added that there are a lot of people who are passing away and saddening their kins and friends. According to him, they are a ‘subject matter,’ so he will always have someone to portray. The drummer continues to play with Def Leppard at the same time he is painting portraits of people he loved.