Thom Yorke Names The Radiohead Album That Reminds Him Of The Beatles

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke recently reflected on the making of the band’s release of ‘Kid A Mnesia’ during an interview. According to the musician, he felt a connection between the Beatles‘ making of their album entitled ‘Let It Be’ and their process of the 2021 record.

The Beatles released their twelfth and final studio album named ‘Let It Be‘ on May 8, 1970, almost a month after their disbandment. The album topped charts in many countries, including both the US and the UK, but it ended up being regarded as one of the most controversial rock albums in history due to its creation process. The record took three years to complete and caused lead guitarist George Harrison’s temporary departure from the band.

As a condition of his return, the members gathered at their own Apple Studio in the basement of the Apple Corps building at 3 Savile Row and recruited guest keyboardist Billy Preston. The atmosphere rapidly improved during the sessions, which was also achieved by Preston’s inclusion. The band’s time in the basement allowed the Beatles to release one last album before they all went separate ways.

Fortunately for their fans, a new documentary named ‘The Beatles: Get Back‘ aired in November 2021. The film used footage captured for ‘Let It Be,’ which showed the band’s last days as well as the creation process of the members for their final album. During a recent interview, Thom Yorke touched upon the Beatles documentary while reflecting on Radiohead’s new album named ‘Kid A Mnesia,’ released on November 5, 2021.

According to the musician, the band’s recording process of the album many years ago was quite interesting as they all spent a great deal of time focusing only on their artistry. After watching the Beatles documentary, Yorke had an epiphany when he saw their creation process in the basement for ‘Let It Be.’ The musician realized that Radiohead also had their own creative space during the making of their album, which allowed them to finish the record just like the Beatles did many years ago.

Yorke’s statement about the Beatles follows:

“When we got to the ‘Kid A Mnesia‘ period, we just sort of had to keep pushing through these walls. Then, not really flailing around, not knowing what we were really doing, painting landscapes, and creating all these creatures, writing these short stories, making all these music, hanging out together for crazy amounts of time. Stuff sort of happened despite ourselves rather than because of ourselves.

I think we talk about it now, but it was actually quite a lot of fun because it was the first time in our lives we’d had our own creative space. Like everybody else, I’ve been watching the Beatles stuff about ‘Let It Be.’ when they moved to Apple into the basement. It’s their space, and you can see them growing in confidence. I’d sort of really identified with that like, ‘Okay, we finally got our own space. Finally, we can do what we want.’ There was a lot of that going on, luckily because otherwise, we’d never got anywhere.”

You can listen to the conversation below.