Richie Furay Says Buffalo Springfield Was Stephen Stills’ Band

Richie Furay, who is often recognized as the vocalist and guitarist of Buffalo Springfield, credited the success and sincerity that the band held to Stephen Stills, having carried the band until they decided to split. In a recent interview with Vintage Rock Pod, Furay talked about his tenure with Buffalo Springfield and Stephen Stills’ prominent role within the band’s spirit.

“I always said that as long as Stephen was in the band, I was in the band,” he explained. “I always felt that Buffalo Springfield was Steven’s band as far as the heart and soul of the band. Maybe it was because I had a relationship with him from New York earlier on, but as long as he was there, I would be there.”

“When Stephen decided it was time for him to move on, that’s when we just decided to pick up the pieces,” he continued, referring to how they ended up disbanding. “Jimmy and I set out to put a band together that was going to be from the rock side over to the countryside.”

Even though the band was only around for three studio albums, they still received a lot of attention from the public. Furay reflected on the significant impact Stephen Stills had on Buffalo Springfield, and tied the band’s success to him, so much so that he had made a pact that as long Stills was in the band, he would be a part of it. In his eyes, Stills gave the band a humane touch that resonated with fans.

Due to complications such as arrests and lineup changes, the band decided to part ways. Furay explained that he was ready to venture on to other projects once Stills was set on his decision to move on from the band. Then, he and Jim Messina moved on to Poco, where they found considerable success.

You can watch the interview below.