David Coverdale Says He’s Trying To Hide His Political Views

During his recent interview with Appetite for Distortion, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale emphasized that he doesn’t want to divide people and start arguments by sharing his thoughts on politics through his social media accounts.

As you may know, David Coverdale is a very active social media user as he likes to share details about his personal life, upcoming projects, jokes, and memes. However, he doesn’t share his views on contemporary and controversial political matters, especially considering Republicans and Democrats, who have been accusing each other of destroying the USA.

Coverdale stressed that everyone should follow the rules during a global pandemic, leave their differences aside, and prioritize public health. Then he called out his fans, saying that the sense of community is vital while fighting COVID-19, and noted that he shouldn’t express his views on USA politics as he has fans from all over the world who also expect his support.

The Whitesnake lead singer revealed that he decided not to post his political views on social media to prevent political arguments as well. He stated that he won’t allow negative energy and will always encourage people to stay positive and be hopeful about the future. Furthermore, as his fanbase is international, David is even more determined that a global community is possible.

Coverdale said in his interview that:

“I think I amplified that when we were in lockdown. There are a lot of people, and I won’t allow negative energy on the thing. I can’t stand divisiveness and the health issue that we’re suffering from being made political. These things are very difficult, but I keep them off by social media. I want to try to uplift people’s spirits in Japan, South America.

My social media is all over the world and I’ve specifically made more of it in order to let people remind people they are not alone. It’s been the most challenging time. These last two years are ridiculously challenging for the whole species.

It’s not just that I had to cancel my tour. It’s huge. One of the things I know through being a musician is how so many cross-sections of societies come to see me. They sing, laugh, scream, and shout at the Whitesnake show. So I know a global community is possible.”

You can listen to the interview below.