RHCP’s Flea Reacts To David Crosby’s Criticism About The Musicians’ Union


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea recently posted a tweet responding to David Crosby‘s thoughts on the Musicians’ Union.

The American Federation Of Musicians Local 47 is a labor union that promotes and protects professional musicians. Members of AFM Local 47 consist of famous studio musicians who work with major labels and tour all around the world. The union represents thousands of members, including highly-talented composers, arrangers, and freelance musicians. It promotes fair wages and good working conditions and receiving the respect all workers deserve.

Recently, one of his fans asked David Crosby how many unions he has been in in a tweet. David Crosby then responded that he has been in the Musicians’ Union for his whole life, but they haven’t done anything for him. RHCP bassist Flea then saw this tweet and decided to express his thoughts on Crosby’s remarks.

In his tweet, Flea stated that the Musicians’ Union helped his stepdad and the musicians he grew up with to defend the organization. According to the bassist, the jazz musicians in need of concerts got their union wages and used the rehearsal spaces at the union. Moreover, Flea argued that it’s an excellent place for musicians to come together.

David Crosby’s tweet read:

“Musicians’ Union my whole life, and they have never done one damned thing for me, ever.”

Upon seeing this, Flea tweeted:

“But they did a lot for my stepdad and the musicians I grew up around, the jazz musicians needing gigs. They got their union wages and used the rehearsal spaces at the union, and it was a great hub, a place for musicians to connect. Local 47, baby!”

You can check out the tweets below.