RHCP Bassist Flea To God: ‘Please Forgive Me For My Instagram And Twitter Accounts’

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea posted a tweet to ask for God’s forgiveness regarding his social media accounts and also mentioned how glad he is about never being involved in TikTok.

As you may know, the iconic bass player of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea has been an active user of social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Twitter. Flea often takes his personal accounts to share his opinions on the artworks of various artists, give an update on the projects he’s been working on, and celebrate the special days of his friends and family members.

Although he has been using his Instagram and Twitter accounts quite often, Flea hasn’t been a part of the popular social media platform, TikTok, which is a short-form video-sharing app. The users of TikTok can shoot and share 15-second videos with special effects, filters, and music. Many celebrities and musicians have been using TikTok as a platform to share their hidden talents and interact with their fans.

In his latest tweet, Flea thanked God for not making him see TikTok and implied that the popular platform is not something he would like to be a part of. Flea also asked God’s forgiveness for his posts and comments on Twitter and Instagram. He ended his short letter addressed to God by signing it as God’s ‘faithful servant Flea.’

Here is what Flea wrote in his recent tweet:

“Dear God, thank you for never making me see TikTok. Please forgive me for Twitter and Instagram. Your faithful servant flea.”

You can see the tweet Flea posted on his Twitter account below.