Justin Hawkins Discusses Alice Cooper’s Ability To Perform

The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins shared his ideas about the iconic musician Alice Cooper‘s performance during his video on Justin Hawkins Rides Again. The frontman praised Cooper’s longevity and endless energy on the stage despite his age and unveiled the reason.

Since the ’60s, Alice Cooper hit the rock stage with his unique look, image, and band of the same name’s shows, including many stage props such as reptiles, pyrotechnics, guillotines, and electric chairs. He tried and incorporated various musical styles, art rock, hard rock, heavy metal, new wave, glam metal, and industrial rock into the works. In addition, Cooper was interested in horror films and vaudeville, so he used some techniques in the concerts.

Thus, it’s not surprising that Cooper significantly influenced the younger generation of rock and metal bands that wanted to turn their shows into the theatre. Even though some groups didn’t have an aim like that, they still appreciated the artist’s never-ending passion for music and creating new approaches. As one of them, Hawkins examined and discussed one of the recent concerts from Cooper along with his style.

The singer highlighted that Cooper had a distinctive look with a leather jacket, top hat, baton, and belts; this weirdness was a crucial characteristic throughout his career. According to Hawkins, his unfitness became more normal when he got old by adding that Cooper’s vocal performance was way better than his peers. The frontman explained the situation by saying Cooper’s playing golf and exercising regularly as a former athlete contributed significantly to his longevity and perfection.

In Hawkins’ words, he said:

“There’s nothing absent from this performance. Feet-planted legs; I count three belts of varying whips. One goes through the loops of the trousers, which are tight; this is a pair of tight leather trousers, these lower belts. Alice has got three belts on a tailcoat and a top hat. He’s spinning the baton like a cheerleader. Looking a bit weird, but I think that’s the whole thing about Alice Cooper; he looked weird since the ’70s.

The older he gets, it’s almost sort of more fitting the befitting of the character that he’s created, and let’s talk about the thing that usually suffers at this point in a person’s career, the voice. The voice is perfect. He’s singing live, hunched double with the effort of it. He’s got black hair, skin type, leather trousers, works. This could be golden. You could consider this golden era Alice Cooper.

If there’s ever been an advert for golf, this is it. Maybe that’s what sets Alice Cooper apart from these singers who are of a similar age that are suffering. It’s his regime and regimen sports-wise outside of the musical engagements that he has.”

You can check out the video below.