Michael Schenker Says Aerosmith Was Afraid Of Stealing Their Rhythm Section

In a new interview with Classic Rock, Michael Schenker claimed that Aerosmith was afraid of stealing his band’s rhythm section.

Schenker auditioned for Aerosmith in 1979 after Joe Perry left, and he almost joined the band, but after an incident, the band decided to carry on without him. He recalled:

“I was friends with Phil Lynott, but I didn’t want to join Lizzy. With Aerosmith, I got as far as rehearsing with Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton in Boston. At the time, Steven Tyler was in hospital, and I remember Brad Whitford coming into the room, being shocked at seeing me, and running out again, saying, ‘F*ck!’ I think he went to see Tyler in the hospital and said, ‘Michael Schenker is trying to steal our rhythm section! You need to do something!’ So they decided to carry on Aerosmith without me.”

‘There Was Not Any Point In Rehearsing’

Throughout his career, Schenker was invited to join Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Thin Lizzy and Aerosmith, all of which he declined, forming his own band instead.

The former Scorpions rocker, as he declared, was in a transitional period right after leaving UFO and Scorpions. Apparently, the audition experience involved ‘sitting in a hotel room for five days’ of doing ‘nothing.’ In fact, after finally getting called for, he regretted his decision to have rehearsed with the band:

“There is a knock on my door, ‘They’re ready for you.’ So, I go down, and I went into the rehearsal studio, and of course, everybody was waiting for Steven Tyler. Well, eventually, Steven Tyler comes in, and he was completely out of it and on something, so there was not really any point in rehearsing or doing anything. And to be honest, I was not really straight myself after waiting for five days in a hotel room, so basically, we all split, and I went back to England.”

Ultimately, the guitarist was spotted by Brad Whitford, who told Tyler about the rhythm section.

Following Joe Perry’s departure, Aerosmith continued recording their ‘Night In The Ruts’ album, with Brad Whitford and Richie Supa recording the remaining parts. After Schenker’s incident, the band hired Jimmy Crespo until Perry’s return in 1984.