Kirk Hammett Reveals The Harsh Reality Of Failing On Stage: ‘It’s Horrible To Die In Front Of 50,000 People’

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, recently opened up about his fear of failing on stage with the iconic band. In an exclusive interview with Total Guitar, Hammett revealed the pressure he feels to continuously perform the same solos, year after year, and how that has led him to improvise during live performances.

Hammett, who has been playing with Metallica for over 40 years, admitted that the repetition of playing the same guitar solos has grown tiresome. This boredom has pushed him to take risks by improvising solos during live shows. While this new approach brings a sense of excitement and freshness to his performances, it also comes with the inherent risk of failure on stage.

During his recent conversation, Hammett also explained his decision to embrace improvisation for the band’s new release, ‘72 Seasons.’ The guitarist claimed that the unscripted approach has reinvigorated his passion for playing live but also brings him close to having a heart attack.

Kirk Hammett’s words about his fears of failing on stage read:

“Usually, I surprise myself; sometimes, I die a f*cking death. It’s horrible to die on stage in front of 50,000 people, but it only lasts an instant, and then it’s gone. Then I can go on to other pastures and make up for what I didn’t do.”

As Metallica continues to push the boundaries of their music, Kirk’s vulnerability and willingness to take risks exemplify the ever-evolving nature of the band. Despite his fear of failing on stage, Hammett’s commitment to delivering unique and captivating performances for the fans showcases his dedication to the art and the legacy of Metallica.