When Mark Knopfler Blamed Jeff Beck For Ruining His Hit Song

Did you know that Mark Knopfler once named a solo by Jeff Beck as the ‘world’s second-ugliest guitar solo’? Some may be surprised, and some may ask, ‘how dare he,’ but yes, something like that happened. It all started with the idea of the song ‘Private Dance’ back in the early ’80s.

Private Dance’ is a song by Tina Turner, but Mark Knopfler was the one who wrote it, and at first, the track was meant to be on Dire Straits’ fourth studio album, ‘Love Over Gold.’ The track was recorded in the studio, but Mark Knopfler removed it from the album because he thought the lyrics were inappropriate for a male performer.

Knopfler was determined that the voice singing this song had to be a female one as it would complete the missing piece of this special song. Later, it was decided that the right name was Tina Turner. However, legal restrictions prevented Turner from using the original recording, but two years later, the members of Dire Straits reworked it.

Nonetheless, the track’s creator, Mark Knopfler, would not play in this version. Right here, Jeff Beck came into play to fill in Knopfler’s parts. And yes, you guessed it right, Jeff Beck’s performance in the song was what sparked Mark’s ruthless comments.

According to him, Beck couldn’t handle the task of playing the solo in his head and didn’t hesitate to say it out loud in a talk with Stuff in 2009. According to him, the song was ruined due to “them drafting in Jeff Beck to play the world’s second ugliest guitar solo.”

After reading this comment, the biggest question that comes to mind is probably related to ‘the’ ugliest solo, according to Knopfler. Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to that. But the ‘second ugliest solo’ award definitely went to Jeff Beck. It seems like Mark Knopfler has a best-to-worst-solo list in mind.