Dave Grohl Addresses A Possible Book About Nirvana

Dave Grohl released a short video talking about his new book ‘The Storyteller’ on Foo Fighters’ YouTube channel. He stated that he could write an entire book about Nirvana, but he chose to write about different times of his life.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl is about to release his book ‘The Storyteller,’ composed of stories from his life as the drummer of Scream, Nirvana, and the founder of Foo Fighters. Grohl quit Nirvana after Kurt Cobain’s death and pursued his own path in music by forming Foo Fighters.

No matter how successful Grohl got after quitting Nirvana, he was often remembered as the band’s drummer. The singer hasn’t been reluctant to talk about his memories with the band or Cobain throughout the years. Thus, Nirvana fans got excited when Grohl recently mentioned that he could write an entire book about his time with Nirvana.

The successful musician implied that there might be a possibility of writing a memoir about his career in Nirvana. However, Grohl’s upcoming book will be about his memories and experiences with his numerous bands, travels, and family. The singer mentioned that he formed this idea when he began writing out of boredom during the pandemic.

He created an Instagram account to post true stories and received positive feedback and fast growth of followers. He then thought to himself that he might be capable of writing an entire book with these true stories. He added writing to his long list of talents and presented the world ‘The Storyteller,’ which will be released on October 5, 2021.

Here is what he stated in the video about the process of writing the book:

“I’ve never really been the one to collect stuff, but I do collect moments. My life flashes before my eyes every single day, and in writing this book, I’ve tried to capture those moments as best I can. 

When the lockdown happened, I suddenly had nothing to do. I never have nothing to do. I’ve always been creatively restless. So, I thought I would spend my time writing these short stories for an Instagram page, and they are true stories. In doing that, I fell in love with writing. I thought ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll just write a book’ without realising how gargantuan of a project it would be.”

He continued to say how he decided to narrow down the stories and mentioned writing about Nirvana:

“Narrowing down the stories to put in this book was the biggest challenge, I could write an entire book about the band Scream. I could write an entire book about my time in Nirvana. The idea was to choose the stories that best describe what it is like to be behind the curtain and on the inside. From the drum stool, looking out to play music, have this beautiful family, travel the world, and meet people. I never take any of this for granted, believe me. I’m so proud that I wrote this book, and I hope you enjoy it.”

You can watch the video below.