Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Reacts To Simon Gallup’s Decision To Leave The Cure

The Cure’s bass guitarist Simon Gallup recently announced that he quit the Cure from his Facebook account, and Flea reacted to his decision on Twitter.

After 40 years with the Cure, Gallup saddened his fans by announcing that he will no longer play with the band but wished them good luck. He was a successful bass player and one of the core members of the Cure. However, the increasing tension between the band members led him to make such a decision. Even though he didn’t clearly explain the events that led to this point, Gallup responded to a fan’s question about his decision to quit and said that he is ‘tired of the betrayal.’

Aside from their devoted fans, the music world was also saddened by his departure. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea was one of those who were upset to see Gallup leave, and he stated his feelings on Twitter. He wished him a ‘creative future’ and revealed that Gallup’s lines on The Cure’s song ‘Seventeen Seconds’ are a great source of inspiration.

Here is what he tweeted:

“Simon Gallup is a great bass player, his beautiful lines on ‘Seventeen Seconds’ are an inspiration to me. Wishing him a richly creative future!

‘Seventeen Seconds’ was the title track of the band’s 1980 album. It was the first record Gallup was involved in with the Cure after replacing their ex-bassist Michael Dempsey. The album ranked No. 20 on the British album charts, and it seems like Flea still appreciates the song with the same name, especially Gallup’s contribution with his bass guitar.

Both Flea’s and the Cure’s fans stated their opinions by replying to Flea’s tweet. Most people expressed their sadness and thoughts, and the others showed how happy they are that Flea loves the Cure. Although there was no explanation regarding the bassist’s future projects, many people wished him a ‘creative future.’ 

You can see Flea’s tweet below: