Simon Gallup Confirms He Decided To Leave The Cure

The Cure’s bass guitarist Simon Gallup announced via his official Facebook account that he has decided to leave the band and saddened the band’s devoted fanbase.

Simon had been playing with The Cure for about forty years. Back in 1982, during the Pornography Tour, a series of events led Simon to leave the band. The main event arose after the band members decided to shift all the instruments on the ‘Forever’ song.

In ‘Forever,’ Simon played the guitar instead of bass while his friend and a roadie were doing the vocals. However, when his friend said that nobody in the band is worthy besides Simon, and the lead singer Robert Smith, who was playing the drums, threw the drumsticks. Following these events, Simon left the Cure and formed the Cry, later changed to Fools Dance.

In 1984, Simon returned to the Cure after Robert asked him to re-join the band. Since then, they had been playing together. Yesterday, Simon shocked the community by officially announcing his departure from the band, and he wished the best for their future.

As for the reason behind his departure, he revealed it as a response to a fan’s comment. According to Simon, he is ‘fed up with betrayal,’ which is why he left the Cure. Even though he announced his departure, Simon didn’t explain what happened between the band members.

Simon Gallup wrote as he announced his departure from The Cure via Facebook:

“With a slightly heavy heart, I am no longer a member of The Cure! Good luck to them all.”

He responded to his fan’s question about the reason behind his decision to leave by saying:

“I’m ok, Vicky… Just got fed up with betrayal.”

After forty years of playing with The Cure, Simon has sadly left the band. However, the Cure hasn’t made any statements yet about his departure, and fans expect a new announcement soon.