Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Offers A Wild Naked Dance Show If Lakers Acquires Collin Sexton

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has recently posted a tweet to make an interesting and bold offer to the Los Angeles Lakers on his official Twitter account. As a huge fan of the team, he promised that he will dance naked on the streets if the LA Lakers recruit Cleveland Cavaliers’ Collin Sexton.

The multitalented musician, Flea, has a great interest in basketball and he is known as a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers for a long time. Flea’s ‘Go Lakers!’ tattoo on his arm is solid proof of his great admiration for the team.  He never misses a game of the LA Lakers and shares his comments about the playing strategies and recruitments of the team.

As he is such a big fan of the team, Flea even considered buying the stakes of the Lakers which will be sold by billionaire Philip Anschutz for billions of dollars. The fans became so excited about the news when Flea showed his interest by sharing a tweet to ask about the price of the stakes. He stated that he needed to borrow a couple of billions even though everyone would be so happy if he bought them.

According to another tweet of the RHCP bassist regarding the Lakers, he has a dream team in his mind and he will do anything to make this dream come true. Flea mentioned that he wanted to see Cleveland Cavaliers’ Collin Sexton and Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard in the LA Lakers. He also stated that if the LA Lakers recruit them, he will perform a wild and naked dance show by adding that he will be loyal to his team until his last breath.

Flea’s tweet read:

“Dear Lakers,

You know you have my lifetime loyalty. Win, lose or tie, till I die. If you could be so kind as to acquire Dame (Damian Lillard) or Collin Sexton I would be most appreciative and do a wild naked dance of joy out in the street.

You can see the tweet below.