Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Compares Led Zeppelin With The Doo Wop Genre Of The 1950s


Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page comparing the 70’s Led Zeppelin and the 50’s Doo Wop genre, revealing that the two are far away from each other after seeing a tweet about the progress of culture.

Recently, a New York Times bestselling author Chris DeRose shared a post on Twitter revealing that the comedy-drama tv series ‘The Wonder Years’ premiered more than three decades ago, on January 31, 1988. The show took place 20 years earlier than the actual date which means that a show like this would be set in 2001.

Here is what DeRose said:

“The Wonder Years premiered 33 years ago today (1988) depicting events 20 years earlier (1968). A similar show today would be set in 2001.

Sports journalist Bomani Jones shared a post on Twitter after seeing DeRose’s fun fact post and stated that 2001 does not have the same feeling when it comes to time and culture gap like the ’80s and ’60s. Jones revealed the fact that the show was going back to a totally different time, however, 2001 would not create the same feeling.

Here is what Jones said:

“my perspective is obviously skewed by my age, but it felt like ‘the wonder years’ was consciously going back to a different time. 2001 just doesn’t feel like it’s *that* different than 2021 in the way ’88 and ’68 felt.”

Flea also shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his opinion on the matter by stating that computers are the main reason why culture is growing and changing so slowly. In addition to this, Flea stressed the speed of change back in the days by stating that 70s P-Funk and Led Zeppelin were far far away from the 50s Doo Wop genre.

Here is what Flea said:

“the computer has made culture crawl at a snail’s pace. Pockets of culture don’t evolve on their own away from the rest of the world as much. pockets that change things forever. As a kid/teenager in the 70’s P-Funk and Led Zeppelin were worlds away from 50’s Doo Wop. Worlds”

You can see the Twitter post below.

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