The Story Of Why Don Henley Of The Eagles Being Arrested But Sentenced Two Years Probation

The night that led to The Eagles co-founder and drummer, Don Henley’s arrestment is still controversial and full of mystery. No one knows what exactly happened that night except the teenage girl and Don Henley. Only one of them survived to tell the story behind this tragedy in 1980.

Everything started as one of the crazy and unforgettable parties which Henley host with other bandmates and friends. However, it turned into a different kind of unforgettable night for both Don Henley and his fans. Even though he had a relationship with Battlestar Galactica star, Maren Jensen, Henley was also known for his tendency to prostitution, excessive drugs, and alcohol usage.

What Really Happened Between Don Henley And The Underage Girl?

Don Henley asked a madam to provide him a prostitute and after she arrived, it was understood that the prostitute was a sixteen-year-old girl. After he found out her real age, he didn’t touch her, according to his own statement. Yet, unfornutely, during the party that was surrounded by different kinds of drugs and alcohol, the teenage girl used cocaine and Quaaludes excessively. The morning after that crazy party, Henley found out the girl was having seizures and called 911 immediately.

When the ambulance arrived at Don’s house, they found a naked young girl who died of an overdose. Then, the police came to arrest Henley because a 16-year-old prostitute died at his house from an overdose. The Eagles icon defended himself saying that he didn’t know the age of the girl in the first place and didn’t have sex with her. However, later during an interview with GQ, he explained the only mistake that he made that night.

Here’s what Henley stated about the tragic night:

I took complete blame for everything. I was stupid; I could have flushed everything down the toilet. I didn’t want this girl dying in my house.”

As it can be understood from his statement, Don blamed himself for having drugs at his house where a young girl could find and use them. Henley didn’t get any punishment for child abuse and causing death. He was found innocent of these accusations. He was only sentenced to a $2000 fine and two years of probation. Don must have realized that a crazy party could turn into a great tragedy for both himself and a young woman if he wasn’t more careful and responsible.