GNR’s Melissa Reese Says ‘I Am So Appalled By What Has Been Happening In The USA’ On Racism Against Asian People

Guns N’ Roses member Melissa Reese took her official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed her concerns about the recent racist movements in the United States.

Not long after the hateful speeches about the black community and Black Lives Matter protests, the United States is shaken by the new racist behaviors against the Asian people.

To take attention to the problem, people have been using the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ hashtags on social media, and Melissa Reese also joined this movement by sharing a post yesterday.

In the post, Melissa mentioned that she is so scared about her family because of the hate again Asians, she also stood against racism by saying that she is so proud to be an Asian American.

While Melissa was showing that she is pretty disappointed with what she saw on social media about the hate for the Asian people, she also asked her followers to raise awareness about the racism problems.

Here is what Melissa Reese said:

I’m so appalled by what has been happening in this country. I am also scared – especially for my mom. My sisters and I are bi-racial and are proud to identify as Asian American women – the group that has seen an alarmingly disproportionate rise in violence against it within the last year.

The past few days I’ve been at a loss for words and felt pretty paralyzed by all of this. I have donated to some of the victims families, but I’m finally saying something on socials because my desire to raise awareness, and understanding it’s importance in stopping these heinous attacks against the AAPI community and against women, has overpowered all my fear/freezing – compelling me to act.”

She added:

“Friends, please – raise awareness about this with me, speak out and commit to protecting and/or standing in solidarity with the AAPI community. Donate, reach out to your AAPI friends and check in (especially if they are older).

Please just do *something* that let’s the world know this isn’t ok with you either and you are willing to take audacious action on behalf of the safety of your AAPI sisters/brothers bc you too understand this shxt needs to f*cking stop.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.