Randy Jackson On The Challenges Of Recording Journey’s ‘Freedom’

Journey’s Randy Jackson joined an interview with Guitar World and talked about the challenges of recording ‘Freedom’ with the band remotely.

Journey released their 14th album ‘Eclipse’ 11 years ago. After a long time since their last album, they released a single last year. This year, on July 8, ‘Freedom’ hit the music shelves. The new album also featured guitarist Randy Jackson, who was known for his versatile career. This wasn’t their first time working together. Jackson, a master of the studio bass, previously played on Journey’s 1986 album Raised on Radio, too.

The recording of the ‘Freedom’ was completed last year during the pandemic. In the process of intense pandemic restrictions, many forms of remote socialization, such as online concerts, entered our lives. Not only the listeners but also the producers had to learn new practices. One of them was remote recording. Journey’s new release ‘Freedom’ was also recorded remotely.

In a new interview with Guitar World, Randy Jackson talked about their collaboration with the Journey and explained how challenging it was to record remotely. Stating that they recorded this album with the band members in different rooms and even in different cities, Randal explained that although the recording process was fun, it was also challenging.

He explained how they recorded the album during the pandemic process as follows:

“Thanks, man. It was fun. It was a little bit challenging to make during the pandemic, but we did it. I worked at NRG Studios in North Hollywood for part of it and at my own studio here. It was wild at times, not being in the same room. Jonathan was in Florida, and Arnel was in Manila, but we did it.”

The new studio album consists of 15 songs and is Journey’s longest album ever. Along with Randy Jackson, the album also features drummer Narada Michael Walden, who later left the band.

You can check out the songs of the new album below.