Yungblud Says Expensive Coachella Tickets Made Him Feel Sick

Yungblud sat down with Channel 4 News to discuss his own festival, ‘Bludfest.’ During the chat, the singer mentioned the ticket prices of Coachella and said it made him sick:

“I feel like it’s got really corporate and really sterile and really privileged. I think [when] I was in America and we played Coachella and it was like £800 for a ticket and it made me feel sick.”

Yungblud also recently worked with ‘Tickets For Good,’ a company on a mission to give NHS and charity workers free and discounted tickets to festivals, music, sport, comedy, and theatre. He mentioned his collaboration with the company and shared his belief about ticket prices:

“We’ve worked with ‘Tickets For Good’ to be able to provide free tickets for people with low income because I genuinely believe the whole point of this festival is to set a precedent that music is for everybody.”

‘Music Should Be For Everyone’

In addition to Yungblud’s comments about the festival, he also shared his thoughts about a recent issue with Ticketmaster. Rolling Stone has revealed The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, for being an ‘illegal monopoly.’ In response, Yungblud said on X that it was a great step and that music should be for everyone:

“A great step forward towards a more level playing field for artists and fanbases now! Let the establishment fight it out between them. But we in the artist community need to make sure that we are coming up with super compelling brilliantly executed live experiences always putting the fans and communities first so they are affordable. Live music should be for everyone and we as artists should always push ourselves and our teams to deliver for the people who are paying to see the show. I love you gang. It’s me and you forever.”

Other Rockers Have Problems With Coachella

Yungblud isn’t the only rocker upset with the current Coachella issue. Blur’s Damon Albarn got fed up during their set in Coachella this year. Why? The audience was simply not interested in them.

The band started with ‘St. Charles Square’ from their 2023 album ‘The Ballad of Darren’ and went through their setlist, but the crowd’s response was disappointing. Albarn became even more annoyed when he tried to get them to sing along during ‘Girls & Boys.’

He wanted them to chant ‘ow ow ow’ during the chorus, but hardly anyone joined in. He even threatened to leave the stage but gave it another try on the next chorus, with no improvement. Eventually, he told the audience:

“You’ll never see us again, so you might as well f*cking sing it.”

You can see the interview below.