Neal Schon Doesn’t Have Concerns About Journey’s Future

No matter how long they stand in the music scene, some bands may fall behind over time when they fail to attract young listeners or keep up with the demands of the period. Yet, it looks like Journey is unlikely to experience such a situation, considering Neal Schon’s recent statements. During a new conversation with Rock On, the guitarist disclosed that he is hopeful for the band’s future.

“Everything just keeps on going straight up,” Schon said, sharing that everything is going well for Journey. Then, the musician stated that he was very happy with the young music lovers’ positive reaction to the band’s music. He expressed, “We keep attaining younger audiences. I’ll look in the front row, and they’re singing every song at the top of their lungs.”

Later, Neal Schon reflected on Journey’s future plans and the upcoming shows. He said, “We went back into arenas shortly after Lollapalooza this year. We already have 2023 and ’24 planned out.” Schon continued, sharing his thoughts about their forthcoming 50th-anniversary projects, “I think it’s going to take a couple more years.”

Journey’s Freedom Tour, in support of their album of the same name, started on February 22, 2022, and already has many shows scheduled for 2023. So, the band will be busy touring North America for most of the following year. It seems like they also have plans for 2024; thus, the fans will have to wait for the 50th-anniversary shows for a while.