The Woman Who Pitted Lars Ulrich Against Matt Damon: Skylar Satenstein

As the popular saying goes, there might be plenty of fish in the sea, but it seems that celebrities prefer to search for a new love interest in a pool filled with other celebrities’ exes. So, it’s no surprise when a well-known figure dates or even marries another artist’s ex. Thus, perhaps it was not much of a shock when Lars Ulrich started to date an ex-girlfriend of Matt Damon.

It was also quite natural for Damon to say not-so-nice things about Ulrich’s career as the drummer dated his ex, but the actor’s feelings for Skylar Satenstein were a bit more than just your usual crush or ex-girlfriend. Matt was in awe of Satenstein so much that she inspired the actor for one of his well-known movies.

However, the ex-girlfriend of Matt Damon and the now ex-wife of Lars Ulrich is more than your usual attention-seeker model dating a few celebrities to get recognition. She has her fine qualities, a career as a physician who graduated from Ivy League, and so, one might see why Matt Damon was pitted against Ulrich when the drummer married Skylar.

Satenstein comes from an established family, and she went on to study at Harvard and Columbia and then received her degree in Medicine. So, she is a physician with her career and wealth, and maybe it’s no surprise that she has pitted these two cult names of the movie and music industry against one another.

Even after her breakup with Damon, the actor was under her spell so much that the character Skylar in ‘Good Will Hunting’ was based on his ex-girlfriend of the same name. So, as Matt couldn’t forget Satenstein, he decided to throw a few shades against Ulrich, who was married to his ex-girlfriend.

Damon said before that Lars was ’a f*cking rock star who’s got $80 million and his own jet, a bad rock star, too.’ So, when Playboy asked the drummer about Matt’s comments in 2001, Ulrich disclosed that the actor had apologized more than once and there was no feud between the two.

“He said that before we met,” Ulrich said as he recalled Damon’s comments about him. “And he’s apologized about a hundred times. The first five times I saw him, he would spend 10 minutes apologizing profusely. He really is a sweetheart.”

So, there was no problem between the actor and the Metallica icon. Still, Lars and Skylar divorced in 2004 after seven years of marriage and having two sons. So, even when it was all nice in the end, there was a time when Matt Damon hated Ulrich because of his relationship with Satenstein.